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Turboffler H1-50®_

Turboffler H1-50®, is an antihistamine, anti-allergic, antipruritic and antispasmodic. Recommended in all species for certain allergic reactions and in combination with some physiological antagonists in the anaphylactic shock, for the treatment of pruritus, hives, dermatitis, eczema, seasonal rhinitis, insect bites, pulmonary emphysema, intoxications by organophosphates, food intoxications and acute nephritis . To control the vomit and nausea due to motion sickness in the transport of animals. In horses for the treatment of nutritional type laminitis, cramps and azoturia parotexina. In pigs, it is useful in intestinal edema and pregnancy toxemia. In ruminant animals, for the treatment of bovine asthma, aseptic laminitis, in some types of meteorism, acetonemia, mastitis and septic metritis due to placental retention.

Turboffler H1-50®_

  • Antihistamine, anti-allergic, antipruritic and antispasmodic

    injectable suspension

    REGISTRATION Q-0666-134

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